The Joy of Less

The Joy of Less

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288 Pages, Hardcover

"An inspiring read for anyone wanting to downsize, finally park the car in the garage, or just clear out a few closets." —Rachel Jonat,

Having less stuff is the key to happiness: Do you ever feel overwhelmed, instead of overjoyed, by all your possessions? Do you secretly wish a gale force wind would blow the clutter from your home? If so, it's time to simplify your life! The Joy of Less is a fun, lighthearted guide to minimalist living:

• Part One provides an inspirational pep talk on the joys and rewards of paring down.

• Part Two presents the STREAMLINE method: ten easy steps to rid your house of clutter.

• Part Three goes room by room, outlining specific ways to tackle each one.

• Part Four helps you get your family on board and live more lightly and gracefully on the earth.

Ready to sweep away the clutter? Just open this book, and you'll be on your way to a simpler, more streamlined, and more serene life.