Gourmet Mustards

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Use to jazz up your sandwiches, salads and burgers.  Serve with your charcuterie or cheese boards.  Great for dipping sausages or pretzels.

Amber Beer- Malty and Sweet   

Our Amber Beer Mustard has the characteristic of a true amber ale with its subtle “maltiness” and rich color. Sweet malt extracts balance the bitter notes for a smooth mustard that perfectly complements your best cured meats or savory sausage.

Chardonnay-Delicate and Flavorful.

A very delicate, subtle combination of mustard flavor and great white wine.  We make it with Chardonnay wine, ready for the sophisticated pallet.

Jalapeno Whiskey-Spicy and Sweet   

Our Jalapeno Whiskey is for those that are looking for deep and multilayered flavors in their condiments.  The heat is not intense but as Jalapeno peppers are famous for, it is going to make your taste buds take off. The Tennessee whiskey adds a second layer of flavor to create a well-liked experience.