Chai Tea

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One of Lillie and Sarah's favorite finds. These Chai blends are hand crafted in small batches by a sister-owner company who grew up on their grandmother's chai. 

The spices are key and we promise, you will be able to tell the difference immediately.  Robust aroma and the beautiful colors. All of the spices are hand picked directly from plantations in Kerala, India. No pesticides or artificial flavors, you are enjoying the best nature has to offer!

2oz- approx 15 cups.

All Chai'd Up:

An ode to traditional masala (spice) chai, All Chai’d Up is infused with both Eastern and Western flavours with warm earthy balanced aromas of ginger, clove, cinnamon, sweet notes of cardamom, and fennel.

Sweet Monsoon:

Indulge in this calming and fragrant loose leaf tea blend.  The sweet smell of coconuts and mangoes linger in the air, after the heavy rain falls in Kerala, India.  This blend is inspired by the tropical landscape and the monsoon season.  You will experience the calmness of sweet mangoes, luscious coconut, and the richness of cinnamon and clove.

Punjaban Party

Punjab, India is often recognized for its vibrant colors, music and flavors of North India, thus the inspiration for Punjaban Party.  As the name suggests, the bold taste, bright fragrances and flavors of candied ginger, fennel, and cardamom will surely invigorate all your senses.